IICD National Programme


Infodesarrollo.ec supports to International Institute for Communication and Development National Programme (NP), which is working. with participation from multisectoral partners, on initiatives related to new and traditional information and communication technologies (ICTs) to achieve sustainable development with local communities in the sectors of agriculture, environment, education, governance, opportunities to improve the quality of life, among others.

International Institute for Communication and Development had facilitated a participative methodology for ICT project implementation for development with a focus on sustainable feedback and strengthening, the programme was able to be carried out. The process is strengthened by a training component (EducaTIC) and an evaluation and follow-up (E&F) component. Together with the Infodesarrollo.ec Network, exchange of experiences is promoted between the projects and their beneficiaries and external actors as decision-makers, commentators, academics, etc. to encourage public policies that respond to the demands of the society.

Currently, the Network is in the process of executing seven projects in the agriculture-environmental sector:

* Impacts of free trade on agriculture Ecological Action

* Strengthening of an information network and training for producers linked to the CAMARI-FEPP Solidarity System for Commercialization FEPP Solidarity System for Commercialization (CAMARI)

* Mangrove conservation with ICTs for community production National Coordinating Corporation for the Defense of the Mangrove Ecosystem (C-CONDEM)

* Communication for the management of productive sustainable systems Ecuadorian Agro-Ecology Coordinator

* Promotion, diffusion, and commercialization of community tourism in Ecuador Multinational Federation for Community Tourism in Ecuador (FEPTCE)

* Optimization of production, commercialization, and socio-organization of Cacao Collection Centers of Ecuador Maquita Cushunchic Comercializando como Hermanos Foundation (MCCH)

* Design and implementation of the regional credit evaluation service (SERVIR) Rural Financial Network (RFR) SEDAL Foundation

The rural development and governance topic is in the process of formulating 10 projects, where the following organizations are in charge:

* Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG)

* Association of Province Advisors of Ecuador (ACOPE)


* Citizen Participation

* Association of Municipalities of Ecuador

* Latin-American Future Foundation

* Radio La Luna – CEDEP

* Coordinator of Local Alternative Governments

* Jubilee 2000 – Guayaquil Network

* Andean Democratic Audit

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